Who is Free fire ka baap

This question always comes to mind whenever we play Free Fire that who is the Free fire ka baap, after all, if you are also looking for the answer to this question then you have come to the right place.
Today we are going to tell who is the Free Fire ka baap.

See, if you have come to fight like a child, then you can go. We will compare here today on some basics from which it will be clear that who is the Free Fire ka baap?

First of all, we will talk about comparing their graphics for free fire ka baap.


Who is Free fire ka baap

In graphics, Pubg is at the fore, that thing is different than Call of Duty also has better graphics than pubg, but if seen, the size of Free Fire is much less than Pubg. So it would not be right to compare it.

While in Free Fire or PUBG, the graphics of PUBG are much better. And it cannot be denied in any way that PUBG has also made very good improvements in the graphics.


Who is Free fire ka baap

In terms of control, both the games are fine but if you look, it is known that PUBG allows us to do 3D movement, while in Free Fire we get to see static screen gameplay.

In PUBG, we can rotate 360 degrees while running, but we do not get this feature in Free Fire. But always keep this thing in mind that the size of Free Fire is also small and giving so many features in it is also a big deal.


Who is Free fire ka baap

If you look at the gameplay, then Free Fire runs much better because it does not have much graphics quality nor does it have better controls, so that it takes less time to render and gameplay becomes better.
If you see in the same pubg, if you have a good device with more RAM then you can play the gameplay very comfortably and with great fun and enjoy better graphics.


Who is Free fire ka baap

There are many such features in Free Fire that you do not get to see in Pubg and there are many such features of Pubg which you will not find in Free Fire. Like in Free Fire you get the facility of Glue Wall but you do not get this feature in Pubg.

In the same way, if you do not see the accuracy of the guns found in Pubg in the details in Free Fire. everyone is sitting in their own place taking the market with their different features.


In the end, I would like to say that both the games are better in their place, some in features and some because of their quality. Don’t spread this shit Free Fire ka Baap.

If you see, Free Fire is at the top with the good feature of being low in size with 1 billion downloads, while the same Pubg is being awarded the best game of the year for many years due to its quality.

So do not put any emotion between these two, both the games are very good in their place. But still, which game do you like and why do you like it, also tell in the comment.

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