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December Month Gaming News

PlayStation Releases Another Set of Holiday Greeting Cards

PlayStation releases another batch of greeting cards featuring a multitude of the industry's most well-known developers

Schlatt Announces Twitch Streaming Return

After a hiatus of around two years, JSchlatt announces his Twitch streaming return with a brief animation that confirms a date and time.

Classic Dungeons and Dragons Game Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance Now Available on Steam

 enjoy the classic action RPG Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance on PC for the first time ever.

Halo Infinite Big Team Battle Matchmaking Fix Not Coming Until Next Year

343 Industries is working on a fix for the matchmaking issues in Halo Infinite's Big Team Battle mode.

Tropico 6 Getting Next Gen Upgrade

Combination island management and political simulator Tropico 6 is coming to next-generation consoles, reveals El Presidente himself.

Next Arma Game Will Be Built In a New Engine

The developers at Bohemia Interactive reveal new information about Enfusion, a powerful new game engine in development at the game studio.

Sifu Will Get a Physical Release Next Year

Following Sifu's new release date and early hands-on previews, Sloclap announces that Sifu will receive physical editions with additional content.

TikTok Has a Discord Server Now

In an effort to make itself more accessible via other means and let its members communicate and share more, TikTok gets a Discord server.

Someone Built An 8-Bit Processor That Plays Its Own Games in Minecraft

One determined Minecraft fan builds an 8-bit processor that can play its own 2D  within the existing Minecraft game engine.

Halo TV Show Has Separate Canon From Game Series

Following a trailer for the Halo TV show at The Game Awards, the executive producer for the series reveals that it will have a separate canon.

Stranger Of Paradise: 

Square Enix reveals several new details regarding Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin's characters, locations, and more.