Free Fire banned in India

It is informed to all you Free Fire lovers that your most beloved game Free Fire has been banned by the Government of India. Know how we can play this game without violating any rules.

Today we are going to talk about all those things which are very important for us to know why such a big step has been taken. Why the government has banned such a big app without any notice. We were also thinking about the question which is in your mind.

Then we came to know the real reason for this which we are going to tell you. Because until the real reason for this will not be found, people will keep spreading rumors.

What is the actual matter?

So we tell when this series started, it is a matter of September 2020, when first of all Chinese apps are banned, which also had some famous games like PUBG. After this process continued and many such apps were removed.

The government has seen that many apps are present on mobile, which take permission from the user even without any use. Like asking for the location of the camera app or asking for the contact list. Now you tell me what a camera app will do with the contact list, what does taking photos have to do with the contact?

When the government investigated, it came to know that there are many such apps and games which are extracting the desired information of the user and we do not even know. As soon as this information came in the eyes of the government, they have banned all such apps and games so that the danger coming from it can be stopped.

Why government bans those apps and games?

These apps and games have been banned for some reason. What has happened in reality is that all these apps are related to China and the government knows that China has complete control over there. With the help of this power, he is able to steal the data here from India.
Keep this thing in mind that no data should go out directly or indirectly from here. By closing these apps, the control on the data going from here has been given.

Why is Free Fire banned?

As we saw above, all the apps that are related to China, whether it is direct or indirect, have been banned in both cases. And if we talk about Free Fire, then this game was also associated with China’s gaming company, so it has also been banned.
This game was very popular among children. If you see, the maximum amount of money was spent in the year 2021, it was on the game, which means its effect was very much, especially on small children.

If the government has taken any step, then it will be beneficial for us, we should support this thing because it is not the government but our information is being protected. And pay attention that avoids accepting any kind of wrong things which are presented by anyone without any solid proof.

Why was free fire removed from the play store?

free fire removed from play store because it is one f the Chinese brand collab game so it can indirectly or directly harm our information. To prevent data breaches our government banned 56 apps along with free fire games.

is free fire banned in India 2022?

Yes, you heard it right. Freefire is baned in India from 14 February 2022. For some privacy concerns regarding data breaches.

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