All About Red Criminal Bundle in FF

Hey, Free fire gamers how are you? Hope you are fine and playing free fire like a beast. ok, so lets’ talk about the Red criminal bundle.

So what is this Red criminal Bundle in the free fire? If you are a free fire player there is no need to explain to you more about it but at least read the full article to know the things which even you don’t know.

First, we will discuss bundles in the free fire. also, check the black t shirt bundle in FF

What is Bundle in Free Fire?

I will not use professional language frankly we can say bundle is a bunch of some assets or things and in free fire, The bundle is like a combo of dresses and game assets. For Example Red Criminal Bundle and the Yellow criminal Bundle.

Here is one important question that comes to mind where do we get this bundle?

where do we get this bundle in Free Fire?

Well Where there are games, there are game stores. Because these store purchases are the means of earning of the games company. However, there are many other mediums of earning like collab, advertisement, etc. Similarly, you can also buy these bundles by going to the store in Free Fire.

How many rare bundles are there in the free fire?

There are 2 bundles in Free Fire which are very rare. The Sakura and Street Bundle is a very rare bundle. Some time back the Yellow Criminal Bundle was also rare but due to the event which came a few days back, it has become common now.

Red Criminal bundle

All About Red Criminal Bundle in FF

Did you know that the Red Criminal Bundle is one of the rarest bundles? It is counted among the top criminal bundle because both its finishing and its character together tell different things like its mask pointing towards the joker and its dress telling money heist dress.

How to get Red criminal bundle in free fire? For this, you have to read this article completely. To get the Red criminal bundle in free fire you have to spend diamond in store if you have good luck then you can get it easily. But it is not available for some time so wait for its arrival and try your luck.

how to equip a red criminal bundle?

All About Red Criminal Bundle in FF

To equip the obtained bundle on your free fire character, you must first collect the bundle and then complete the instructions outlined below:

  • Log in to your account after opening the free fire game.
  • In the upper left corner of the game’s main screen, you’ll see a collecting option. Select it by clicking on it.
  • Now you can see all of the character accessory icons in one place. For example, a hat icon will appear for caps, and a mask icon will appear for face masks. You must choose the complete character icon, which is located in the middle of the list.
  • After clicking on the character-shaped icon, you’ll get a list of all the free fire bundles in your account, as well as the bundle you created with the tool.
  • To apply the bundle to your character, select the bundle you wish to use and click the Equip button.


How to get red criminal bundle in free fire?

To get the Red criminal bundle in free fire you have to spend diamond in store if you have good luck then you can get it easily.

How to get red criminal bundle in FF for free?

To get the red criminal bundle in the free fire for free you need to earn some bonuses via playing tournaments in-game and you can also earn money by doing some simple tasks.


So we saw what is Red Criminal Bundle? Know everything about it and also saw how we can equip it. Hope you enjoy this article. If you have any suggestions, then definitely comment and if you want to bring more similar information, then you must tell. So let’s close the topic All About Red Criminal Bundle in FF here.

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